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  • The clock is ticking down.... Benidorm series 7 is about to hit our screens tonight and social media networks are already going into overdrive! Since the cast and crew finished filming and packed up back in June, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release date of this latest series. Over the years they have featured a resident singer at the ficticious "Neptunes" nightclub – in series 6 it was Asa Elliott and before him Shaun Foster-Conley. For this series they have used a number of established and popular Benidorm acts – the first of which you will see in tonights first episode – The Stylistics! The suave and uber slick threesome are made up of Leroy Charlery, Kojo Adisi and Leroy Davis – otherwise known as Leroy Smokes.

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  • Derren Litten, writer and creator of the ITV sitcom series ‘Benidorm’ and now Benidorm Live, the touring show has announced that he is engaging in talks to discuss “Benidorm The Movie” with film producers, which will be a movie version of the Live Show. ITV executives axed the television show this year after falling ratings, with series 10 the last – the very first was aired back in 2007. There was certainly a mixed reaction for the show, which had a marmite effect – you either loved it or hated it. But it will be a welcome relief for fans of the show, who were left heartbroken when it was confirmed that there would be no more new series made in the popular resort. Only this week workmen and skips were outside what is affectionately referred to as ‘The Pink House’ - ripping out the props which made up the reception of the fictitious Solana.

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  • Since taking office, the new Benidorm Mayor, Toni Perez is certainly pressing ahead with improvements to the town. Yesterday he announced a proposal to move the SATE office – currently on the first floor of El Torrejo at the very end of the Levante beach in the Old Town to the Rincon de Loix, at the top of Calle Gerona.

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  • Determined to help local charity “Emaus”, Derren Litten – writer and creator of the Benidorm series has set about organizing a fundraising evening. It will be held on Friday 29th May at 8pm in the UK Cabaret Club – opening specially for the occasion, which is underneath the Presidente Hotel. This promises to be a fun karaoke night with many cast members taking part. Topping the bill will be Jake Canuso, Tony Maudsley, Sherrie Hewson, Tim Healy and Johnny Vegas – even Derren has promised to take to the stage himself! Also due to make as appearance are Paul Bazely, Josh Bolt, Steve Edge, Elsie Kelly and Danny Walters – so a night not to be missed if you are a fan of the series.

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  • The long awaited Benidorm karaoke fundraiser took place at the Comedy Club last night – and what a night it was. The queue spiralled all the way down to Calle Gerona at 6:30pm even though the evening wasn’t due to kick off until after 8pm! For Benidorm series fans it was a unique one off opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with many of the cast members.