• The spectacular Three Kings parade took place in Benidorm this evening – a tradition repeated in many towns and cities across Spain on the eve of ‘Los Reyes Magos’ tomorrow, which is a bank holiday here. The floats left from Dove Park – a little later than the scheduled time of 6pm and the evening sunset made for a beautiful backdrop as they set off. Thousands lined the streets on what was a very mild evening to cheer as they all passed, which included a vast assortment of animals this year.

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  • Following a 2-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the traditional Holi colour festival took place at Terra Natura in Benidorm yesterday. Prior to the event, crowds gathered to celebrate Pepita the elephants 50th birthday, with a music and dance display before presenting the star of the day with a basket of fruit and vegetables which she shared with her best friend Kaiso.

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  • Today was the main event of the party calendar for Brits in BenidormFancy Dress Day, which always takes place the day after the official Benidorm fiesta ends. Police estimate that 30,000 attended the festivities - wow! The weather at the beginning of the week was rather unsettled, with rain on Tuesday, but this morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining down - much to everyone's relief.

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  • The long awaited Benidorm Fiesta is nearly upon us and hopefully today´s torrential rain will be long gone by Friday when the Fiesta Queens turn on the lights at 6pm to mark the beginning of the celebrations. After that they will all head to the fair – located next to the Bull Ring to officially open it and at 10pm all the peñas will parade down Calle Ruzafa – and so ends Day One of the Benidorm Fiesta!

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  • The famed British fancy dress day took place today, Thursday 17 transforming parts of the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm into a giant street carnival. The sun was blazing and revellers started to appear on Calle Gerona before midday, which had been closed off to traffic to allow the anticipated crowds of an estimated 30,000 to roam safely. The costumes were simply amazing...

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  • Yesterday saw the traditional "British Fancy Dress" day which always follows the end of the Benidorm fiesta. Thousands turned out in all manner of "attire" ranging from playboy bunnies, nurses, soldiers, policeman, cavemen, cartoon characters - the list and imagination really was endless! They all congregated from 2pm onwards in "The Square" when the drinking and fun began.

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  • Probably one of the madness events of the Benidorm fiesta calendar took place in the early hours of the morning – Correfoc! Translated into English, Corre means run and Foc is fire… and that is exactly what you do, run from the fire! It is a tradition that has been enjoyed for many years and sees a group dressed up as devils, chasing the crowds with fireworks attached to a fork.

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  • If any place knows how to do fancy dress then it’s definitely the party capital that is Benidorm! Official town hall figures estimate that 35,000 people attended this year and many still appear to be here. The assortment and variety of costumes was incredible – some a little near the knuckle when it comes to taste, but hey ho, this is probably to be expected here, but full marks for effort. The entire Calle Gerona, as well as roads leading down to it, were closed to traffic, with numerous gun-totting National police on stand-by. Thankfully there was no sign of any serious trouble, just typical drink induced scuffles, which are the norm here when people have been drinking for hours on end!

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  • Today (Thursday 18 November) is deemed “Brit Day” and Benidorm is certainly a magnet for those that like dressing up. British Fancy Dress Day always takes place the day after the end of the official Benidorm fiesta - which closed with a spectacular firework display last night. Calle Gerona was a throng of revellers in an array of outfits showing Benidorm is back in business!

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  • The spectacular end of fiesta firework display took place on Wednesday evening - as always lit from the Poniente beach. Crowds gathered up at the Mirador lookout point well before the scheduled 21:00 start for a birdseye view - and were not left disappointed! As they say, if there´s one thing that they do exceptionally well here then it´s their firework displays...

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  •  There is still over a week to go, but Benidorm is already gearing up for British fancy dress day – due to take place here on Thursday, November 17. Many bars - predominantly along calle Gerona, the epic centre of celebrations, have already hung up the bunting in preparation for the arrival of tens of thousands of Brits in all manner of fancy dress.


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  • November is fiesta time in Benidorm, a celebration of the towns Patron Saint - "La Virgin del Sufragio". There are five days of celebrations – they certainly don't do things by halves here and today was officially the Day 1. All the events are concentrated in the Old Town – where the streets are transformed with bunting and embellished with floral decorations and Holy Artwork hanging from the balconies.

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  • If there is one thing that they do well here in Benidorm then it has to be the fiestas… and in particular, the terrific firework displays! On Tuesday night it was the fiesta of San Jaime, the patron saint of the town… not that they really need an excuse to party here - celebrated up in the Old Town, in the Plaza de San Jaime. From here you get a breathtaking view of both bays - the Levante and Poniente and it should certainly be on your list of places to visit when here in Benidorm.

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  • Yesterday was the last day of the Benidorm fiesta and the grand finale parade went off successfully - unlike Tuesdays "humour parade", which it most certainly wasn´t according to locals! 46 floats took part and the detail and work which went into them was simply incredible. The main emphasis was on children and they were certainly the focal point of each float - you are never too young to start getting dressed up!Fortunately the predicted

  • The Benidorm Fiestas are now in full swing – with much partying all around the Old Town. Yesterday (Saturday) at noon an incredibly loud firework display was let off from the Mirador to officially mark the beginning of the fiesta. It seems very bizarre to spend so much money on letting them off in the middle of the day when at most all that could be seen was billowing smoke – but they could certainly be heard!

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  • The Benidorm fiesta finally came to an end today - Wednesday, with a grand float parade through the streets of the Old Town. There were more than 50 floats taking part and each and every one was spectacular. In comparison to last years parade you could tell that financially things are definitely improving - the floats were a lot more extravagant and lavish with costumes to match.

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  • Fiestas feature strongly in Spanish culture and every year towns and villages up and down the country celebrate at various times of the year - and Benidorm's is virtually upon us. The annual fiesta is a celebration of the local Patron Saint, which for Benidorm is the Virgin of the Sufragio and San Jaime Apostle (they have two) and religion features heavily. The event dates back to 1740 when an image of the Virgin was found in the remains of a burnt out fishing boat, which was taken up to the church. A re-enactment of this is played out every year on the Poniente beach on the first official day of the fiesta – which is this Saturday, 12 November at about 5pm followed by a procession up to the San Jaime church at the top of the Old Town.

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  • The torrential rain and wind caused some disruption to the festivities yesterday, but the bars were still full - albeit inside!The traditional "humor parade" had to be changed... rather than floats parading down the streets it was relocated to the giant tent on the Town Hall Square, which unfortunately meant that some of the penyas could not take part as they were too big.

  • The sensational Moors parade took place in Altea last night (Saturday 24th September) – with an array of stunning costumes and even more remarkable face painting. The festival is celebrated every year in towns all over Spain, but particularly in this region of the Costa Blanca and celebrates the battles between the Moors (muslims) and Christians from the 8th to the 15th Century. Benidorm will be holding their parade on Saturday, October 1st. 

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