• The annual Save My Life charity fundraiser took place at Benidorm Palace yesterday and was a triumph before the doors even opened, with queues forming outside well before noon. As always, the event was organised by Dona Sandland, a volunteer at the Benidorm dog shelter and was only possible thanks to the continued support of Christine Climent, owner of the palace who offers the venue free of charge.

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  • When it comes to charity fundraising, no one does it better than the Brits – and expats even more so. Animal charities always get a good turnout, especially with the Brits being a nation of animal lovers but topping that is support of our troops.
    On Sunday 4th October there will be an epic variety night at Benidorm Palace, with all proceeds going to the “Help for Heroes” charity and Elche Childrens Home.

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  • If you were to ask the average person in the street what they know about the Masons, many would associate them with myths of funny handshakes, half a trouser leg rolled up and jigging around in an apron. The Masons are a worldwide organisation that have been going for nearly 300 years and one of the basic principles and a very important aspect for them is charity work. After the UK Lottery Fund, which is the number one charity contributor in the UK, the Masons come second!

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