indoor market

  • Virtually every Spanish town holds a weekly outdoor market but here in Benidorm we are doubly lucky, with not one but two and both on twice a week – every Wednesday and Sunday. The one most popular with holidaymakers is in the Rincon de Loix, just past the Pueblo and Helios hotels. The other is past the tram station in the old town, in the Foietes car park opposite the Guillermo Amor sports stadium. The stall holders are set up by 8am and generally there till around 1:30/2pm, so you can still manage a lie in if you’ve had a heavy night out!

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  • The new €20 banknote will start circulating within the Euro zone from this coming Wednesday -  November 25. Numerous security features have been incorporated into the new banknotes in order to protect and make them harder to counterfeit.

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  • One thing which has stood the test of time here in Benidorm is “Sheila´s Money exchange" – located at the Indoor Market in the Rincon de Loix. Banks, bars and restaurants come and go, but Sheila´s, which opened up in 1985 is still going strong – testament to their honest reputation and legion of loyal customers.

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  • Despite repeat advice on changing money, many still continue to use the Bureau de Change at an airport – which offer by far the worse rate possible, almost tantamount to robbery in my eyes. As an example I was at Alicante airport this morning, where there is exchange kiosk beside the rental car section as you exit the baggage reclaim area. On enquiring about today’s rate the response was £1 gets you €1 on “smaller amounts” without elaborating on what signified small! The exchange rate in Benidorm is 1.155 today … at most places.

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  • Work has at long last begun on the new SATE office in the Rincon de Loix. SATE stands for "El Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero" - hence the abbreviation, which roughly translated means the Foreign Tourist Assistance Office. This is where you should go to file a report if you are in the unfortunate situation of being a victim of crime. There was much criticism when the current one was opened in the Old Town back in 2013 – with virtually everyone in agreement that it was the wrong place. But to everyone's shock and amazement, workmen and a digger arrived this morning to begin the construction – which is estimated to take up to five months. It will be located beside the current tourist information office on Calle Derramador – opposite the Flash hotel. The Town Hall have promised that it will be fully operational for Spring.

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