johnny vegas

  • The time has nearly arrived for parts of the resort to be turned into a film set as Tiger Aspect are back in town for what is rumored to be the very last ever series of the ITV comedy series Benidorm. Some will be breathing a sigh of relief at that news but rather like marmite, you either love it or hate it. Series 9, which was filmed here last year will hit our screens on Wednesday March 1 – 9pm in UK and 10pm here in Spain. The usual suspects will be back including Jack Canuso – Mateo; Janine Duvitski – Jacqueline; Tony Maudsley – camp crimper Kenneth; Johnny Vegas, Elsie Kelly and Selina Griffith who make up the Maltby family; Danny Walters and side kick Nathan Bryon – Tiger and Joey and of course Sherrie Hewson, the harassed Solana manager Joyce Temple-Savage.

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  • Derren Litten, writer and creator of the ITV sitcom series ‘Benidorm’ and now Benidorm Live, the touring show has announced that he is engaging in talks to discuss “Benidorm The Movie” with film producers, which will be a movie version of the Live Show. ITV executives axed the television show this year after falling ratings, with series 10 the last – the very first was aired back in 2007. There was certainly a mixed reaction for the show, which had a marmite effect – you either loved it or hated it. But it will be a welcome relief for fans of the show, who were left heartbroken when it was confirmed that there would be no more new series made in the popular resort. Only this week workmen and skips were outside what is affectionately referred to as ‘The Pink House’ - ripping out the props which made up the reception of the fictitious Solana.

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  • Have you ever wondered where the name Johnny Vegas came from – it’s not the one he was born with, that’s Michael Pennington,incase you never knew - but his stage name. Well, one of his favourite films growing up was 'Grease’ – starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. The two John’s in those names isn’t the answer but Johnny Casino & The Gamblers – the musical group performing at Rydell’s National Dance-Off was his favourite character. It nearly did remain Casino until a night out with mates, when they decided upon Vegas and so JV was born.

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