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  • One of the main attractions to Benidorm are the stunning golden sandy beaches and along with the fantastic weather, helps to keeps Benidorm at the top of the holiday destination list for the Brits. Unlike others, Benidorm is blessed with 4 separate sandy beaches, in addition to a number of hidden rocky coves – so there is something for everyone. Sadly, despite entering phase 2 of de-escalation this coming Monday, June 1, Benidorm´s beaches will remain shut for a further 2 weeks until June 15, a real disappointment for the locals here.

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  • Have you ever stood on the beach - doesn't matter if it's the Levante or Poniente and wondered about that jugged jutting rock? It is one of the iconic landmarks here and simply called Benidorm Island, but some people refer to it as Peacock Island. Although it looks fairly close it is actually 4km away - and many people, especially after a drink or ten think they'll swim over... but quickly realise their mistake!

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  • The annual Medieval Market is up and running in Benidorm, located at the Parc d´Elx – or Dove Park, in the Old Town. It is a lot bigger this year and the road that runs parallel with the promenade has been closed to traffic to accommodate stalls. There are random processions, demonstrations and entertainment going on throughout the day and most of the stall holders are dressed in period costume to add to the authenticity.

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  • The recent UK press coverage of 81 year old Freda’s ‘dream holiday to Benidorm’ being ruined because “the hotel was full of Spanish holidaymakers” wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from Fawlty Towers! But her remarks get even more absurd when she asks “why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else?” Rather embarrassingly, this story has also appeared in the Spanish papers and you can just imagine their reactions! It is adding fuel to the fire of Spaniards perceptions of Brits just wanting a little Britain in the sun. Choosing the correct side of Benidorm is very important as they differ vastly, as is picking the correct accommodation, as Freda and probably many others quickly realise!

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