• As holidaymakers slowly return to Benidorm, there is an audible sigh of relief from local businesses who only last month feared that they would be forced to remain shut and write off the rest of the season. The resort is reliant on tourism to survive and many are geared up for the British, who last year made up 41.3% of the market which equated to 4.8million people – only just beaten by the domestic Spanish market at 45%. However, it is the spending power of the British that sustains virtually all of the bars and clubs in the Rincon de Loix area.

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  • Like a game of ping ping, the on-going Tiki Beach saga continues! Residents of the Santa Margarita building, directly above the bar have been trying to have the bar closed down for what seems like years. Last June they won the case, on grounds of excessive noise at the Benidorm court but an appeal was quickly submitted to the Provincial Court in Alicante against that ruling. The verdict is back – Alicante have upheld the verdict.

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