tiki beach

  • It was exactly a year ago this week that Tiki Beach closed after years of legal wrangling between residents and the owners – a day many thought and hoped would never come. But fast forward and except for a few alterations, many wouldn’t notice the changes between what now stands in its place. For many Brits on holiday, it is one of the must go-to places during their stay here, to enjoy a drink with a view plus live music and most continue to refer to it as Tiki.

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  • With the season pretty much here now, the beaches are starting to fill up nicely… except yesterday and probably again today, as the grey clouds circle and rain threatens. Although no comfort to holidaymakers, it is a welcome relief to residents, but rest assured that the weather app shows the orange balls will be back by the weekend.The beaches are probably the biggest assets that the resort has to offer, particularly for families – but one thing that is missing from them this year are the floating pontoons and pedalos.

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  • Loved and hated in equal measures but after years of legal wrangling and appeals going back and forth between residents and owners of Tiki Beach, the inevitable has finally happened. A Supreme Court ruling at the end of last year sealed its fate, with the order being decreed that it must close and no further appeals possible. A day many thought would never come, but Tiki Beach on the Levante promenade has now closed down and this morning fencing had been erected and the builders were in.

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  • Like a game of ping ping, the on-going Tiki Beach saga continues! Residents of the Santa Margarita building, directly above the bar have been trying to have the bar closed down for what seems like years. Last June they won the case, on grounds of excessive noise at the Benidorm court but an appeal was quickly submitted to the Provincial Court in Alicante against that ruling. The verdict is back – Alicante have upheld the verdict.

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  • What is undoubtedly Benidorm's most popular bar, Tiki Beach on the Levante beachfront has been ordered to close by the Supreme Court – but presently remains open and as normal, heaving. Like a game of ping ping, the saga between residents of the Santa Margarita building, directly above the bar and the owners of Tiki Beach, Benisuisse SL has been ongoing since 2010.  It is certainly a mecca for the Brits, who flock there in their thousands, usually spilling out onto the road to enjoy a beer with a view to live music. It is on the 'must do' list for most and no holiday to Benidorm is complete without a trip there - for many it's their first port of call once unpacked!

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  • Benidorm is a town that never sleeps - and no time is more evident then at fiesta time! But some Benidorm bars always seem to be buzzing and full of life, especially in the Rincon de Loix.One particularly busy place is the crossroads on Calle Gerona, at the Marina Hotel where there is a bar on each corner. You will find people sat at the tables literally from breakfast till closing time.

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