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bare bumWhat was once deemed a family friendly resort is now being tarnished because of a minority that behave recklessly. Rowdy and unruly stag and hen groups have been the subject of numerous newspaper headlines but now many resorts across Spain have decided enough is enough.

thong on promMagaluf – considered the most raucous called time first, declaring hefty fines on those that exhibited anti-social behavior. Only last month a 90 strong group of Brits were banned from a mass pub-crawl and a long list of new bylaws were introduced to clean up its shameless image. This was followed by many others including Seville, Marbella, Mojacar, Ibiza and now Benidorm!

pants on zebraFollowing complaints from local residents, opposition councilors have been putting pressure on the town hall to take action. Sadly as always it’s the few that do the damage, tarnishing all Brits with the same brush. You can almost feel the undertones of disapproval from some Spanish when they realize that you are British.

hen groupWe also feel the same way, embarrassed by their actions but funny how you don’t get the same bad behavior with other nationalities… only us! I think that they leave their brains on the runway then the sun frazzles what was left. But it’s actually the male stag groups responsible for the offensive outfits, walking about with bare bums on display in areas where families and young children are. I have yet to see the same of a hen group. Most will just wear a veil and printed group t-shirts.

signSo what is the town halls response on this … put up posters and banners in the ‘problem’ areas with the tagline “Enjoy & Respect” – Please be considerate and respectful to the rest of the people; Please do not dress in offensive clothing, this is a place for families as well; Please use the bins and recycling containers.

enjoy respectSadly I doubt that this will have any effect on their behavior – they come here for one reason and one reason only – to have fun whilst getting drunk on cheap booze.

Are they really going to stop and read it? Unfortunately, the economy depends on their business so a ban as well as being unenforceable is also foolish. We do need you but please, think about your choice of outfits and don’t be too disruptive or disrespectful – otherwise have fun!