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mums and kids on scootersThe contentious issue of mobility scooters has once again been raised after one of the resorts biggest hotel groups here in Benidorm issued a statement “that as of 1st May Servigroup will no longer allow mobility scooters on hotel premises”. Social media and travel forums have been going into overdrive, with holidaymakers that had bookings at one of the nine hotels here unsure what to do – and questioning if they can even do it. Well the answer is yes they can and they have.

multi servigroupMost of the Servigroup hotels are in the Rincon area – the most popular location with visiting Brits and consist of; Castilla, Calypso, Orange, Rialto, Venus, Diplomatic, Nereo, Pueblo and Torre Dorada – the last of which is in La Cala.

Yesterday I spoke to Xavier Gil, Operations Director at Servigroup to clarify the situation.

Firstly, he wanted to reiterate that Servigroup have nothing against people with disabilities and that all hotels are adapted to accommodate people who are less mobile. All public areas are accessible, with ramps leading to the bars, restaurants and pool areas in addition to specially adapted rooms for disabled guests.

reception areaHowever, the situation with regards to mobility scooters has got totally out of hand and they have had to take action following numerous complaints from other guests - primarily for safety reasons. The sheer volume of scooters left in the lobby and reception areas are causing serious problems for both staff and guests, with anywhere in the region of 25 scooters obstructing passageways and exits. There have been countless accidents, with glass panes broken and furniture frequently damaged – and they are running out of room.

mum child and dogXavier stated that wheelchairs WILL be allowed for those guests that have mobility issues, which can be taken and stored in their own rooms. The only alternative for those that still want an electric mobility scooter within a Servigroup hotel is to return it to the rental company to be stored and recharged at the end of each day.

parked scootersI have noticed that as of this morning there is still no mention of this new policy on their website. If you are booked at a Servigroup hotel and genuinely need a mobility scooter to get around your only option will be a combination of wheelchair inside and scooter off hotel premises. But everywhere you walk there are randomly abandoned scooters clogging up the pavements, so you can understand the hotels point of view, where space really is restricted.

I then spoke to Antonio Mayor, President of HOSBEC – the Hoteliers Association on his stance of the situation. HOSBEC represents 88% of the hotels in Benidorm and it is interesting to note that Servigroup are NOT part of the association. I asked whether he thinks that other hotels will follow Servigroups example and he replied “NO! I don’t think so. We will open our hands out to those guests as it is a necessity for many”. So there you have it….

2 ladsFor genuine users it saddens me that that you will have to suffer due to the selfishness of the lazy, who hire them as a cheap mode of transport. In many cases it is the fault of the rental companies, who despite a local bylaw which forbids them from hiring out to under 55’s with no disabilities, they are obviously flouting this.

Both Amigo 24 and Easyhire have notices stating this and I have been present when they have turned people away. But the police do not appear to checking or enforcing it either – only this weekend I saw so many young able bodied joyriding on them. I can testify that there was nothing wrong with one pair of lads, as I saw them jumping off and on a double scooter, which was not from either of the aforementioned companies I might add!

scooters outside JJBut it is not just the young, the over 55’s are just as guilty – and unfortunately have no restrictions placed on them. I have had to walk onto the road many a time to pass as they have been parked up outside bars and cafes, clogging up the pavements. Benidorm seems to be unique in having this issue - I wonder whether Madge has something to answer for?


0 #19 Donald Gonsalves 2016-08-16 19:50
Hi Terry, unfortunately Servigroup has any intention reversing fresh rules on mobility park & charge on their premises, in that view EasyHire Senior Mobility under freephone 900.900.240 or int'l phone 0034.966.445.81 2 has at once equiped itself with 3 marvellous park & charge e-spots nearby hotels, plse check with them, moreover there be any cost involved when hiring with them under their topservice & continuous support, greet Donald
+1 #18 TERRY FROM LEEDS 2016-08-16 08:41
Agree with the blue badge system been used @ the Hotels in Spain.
The people who olny use the scooters as joy riding wont worry as they can walk ok without pain. BUT for people with walking issuses might have problem.
I went to the Pueblo in march this year and hired a scooter which is my only way of getting from A to B it was GREAT and we have booked again from next March from a extened 28 nights then I have found out you are NO LONGER allowed within the Hotel grounds with your scooters.
I never saw any scooters entering the hotel @ all.
All the scooters were left in a outside area to charge and for storing. I do hope that the servigroup can find a safe way to let people with walking issuses be allowed to hire and park scooters withing their grounds again.
0 #17 margaret 2016-08-10 11:56
:sad: so sad you have ban scooters from your hotels please have a rethink we disabled need them
-1 #16 raymond 2016-07-29 13:25
shock and dismayed that servicegroup has banned mobility scooter I think you are discriminating the disabled if you have a blue badge there should problem I urge you to rethink this ban [ HUMAN RIGHT ]
-1 #15 roy saxton 2016-06-12 11:00
I cannot walk without the aid of crutches due to breaking my back in an accident six years ago and have been going to the venus and the orange for the last few years but now will be penalised for being dissabled why cant you use a blue badge system and not allow people to hire them if they have no evidence of thier dissability knee jerk reactions are never a cure to a problem like this roy saxton :sad:
-1 #14 paul brownlee 2016-06-03 16:45
Thank you for all the lazy people who hire scooters so they don't have to walk I have both hips needing replaced and both knees so I have to have a scooter
-1 #13 Velma avril 2016-06-01 10:42
Am in constant pain, can only walk 2 mins . So annoyed that able bodied spoiling my only means of getting about I use my own scooter ,try to look smart and have no objection to proving my disability . Something needs to be done about able bodied using them.
-1 #12 Lynn 2016-05-31 09:20
My husband recently went to the nereo, after friends had had to cancel their holiday due to one of them being wheelchair bound (uses electric wheelchair) and was told by jet.2 that they were no longer allowed, there were a large group of electric wheelchair uses at the hotel!!! Disgusted!
-1 #11 Jimmy R. 2016-05-19 19:02
:sad: :sad: I have peripheral vascular disease, (hardening of the arteries) , I have been going to Benidorm for a few years now and it was great that I could hire a mobility scooter to get around,I could walk around the hotel with my walking stick,I mean from the lift to the restaraunt ,and to the reception, if I didn't have the use of the scooter I would be like a prisoner in the hotel. I can understand the view from the hotel group, it was getting rediculas, the amount of scooters in the charging areas,but alas I will not be coming to Benidorm this year,and I loved my week there,really looked forward to it. So sad So sad.
-1 #10 Linda Ashby 2016-05-19 18:25
After using the hotel pueblo for over 30 years 1st with young people fit with young children to now at 76 and 63 with mobility problems and needing a scooter to get around I am very disapointed with their decision.i would have thought a pre booking requirement with proof of disability on a 1st come 1st served basic would have been a better choice.i for one have never seen scooters in the hotel itself its never been allowed. Without this facility we like many other people I think would be confined to the hotel premises.I do hope this might make them rethink their policy.Dissapoi nted. :sad: b

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