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scooters outside servigroupServigroup’s outright ban on mobility scooters in all nine of their Benidorm hotels appears to have spurred the police into action. It remains to be seen whether this is just a short-term knee jerk reaction or whether at long last a proper clampdown on misuse is being instigated. Pass any Servigroup hotel now and you will see the scooters lined up on the pavement outside the entrances.

 mums and kidsThree years ago Benidorm Council introduced strict regulations on the hire of electric mobility scooters – but as anyone who visits the resort can see, openly flouted. In their defense not always the fault of the rental companies, but following a sustained backlash by both genuinely disabled and able-bodied witnessing obviously fit young people – often worse for wear, joyriding on them it looks like action is now being taken.

father and sonCouncillor for Mobility – Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate said his department has sent a list of rental companies here in Benidorm to the Regional Government in Valencia for them to inspect the paperwork to verify that they are legally registered to hire out mobility scooters.
Only this week police have been seen approaching adults on mobility scooters, carrying young children on their laps to tell them that they are breaching the law and to remove the child.

2 boys on scooterAnother recent craze is the increase of electric scooters, which technically is restricted for use on private premises only according to Lorenzo Martinez, Councillor of Public safety. The Guardia Civil have confiscated six from users in the last two weeks alone – you can see young children whizzing up and down the Levante promenade on them, often at high speed. Lets just hope that this is the beginning of a new image for the resort…. there are plenty more issues on the list as we all know, but slowly slowly.


+1 #5 Paul 2016-05-19 12:10
This should be easy to Police. Why not treat these the same as car drivers by enforcing every user to carry a certificate or the Blue Badge to qualify the disablement. The company also has copies of these on file (returned to the customer on return of the machine) and any other person, not qualified, caught using the machine pays a fine. The company cannot be responsible after the machine has been taken, because this is then the responsibility of the user to ensure only they use it. Another item that should be addressed is to ensure that the user is trained / capable to use the scooter before leaving the hire company. From an insurance point of view, the user should have to pay for insurance cover at the point of hire so that all damages are covered.
+2 #4 Liz 2016-05-16 07:45
blame the Tourists first but lets not forget the Council have allowed this.They embrace anything that brings money into the Town.Then when they realise they can't control it they blame someone else.Let's face it Benidorm was hit terribly by the Financial Crisis which is still going in in this World and if they hadn't embraced the way the Resort has gone it would be a Ghost Town.Now they don't like what they've accepted they want rid if it.True that Benidorm would run a mile 10yrs ago if Groups so much as wanted to stay in the Resort.They encouraged the "Benidorm" series as well with the scooter featured in it.Is it correct that now Mopeds are now being promoted again?That'll be another sore point soon!Benidorm at times does contradict itself!It can't go back to what it was the Tourists arriving are all clued up with what they want and the Old Guard is getting lower in number's.
+3 #3 Jean Babbage 2016-05-15 18:00
Only disabled people with proof of a blue badge should use the scooters yes you are right Brian Ferguson what you said i agree with you every word !!
+6 #2 Brian Ferguson 2016-05-15 17:41
Do they not realise how stupid & pathetic they look? Spoil it for the folk who rely on them to get around. Its not clever, hip or cool. Fu*king walk ya lazy fu*ks. Minority spoiling the resort.
+4 #1 Dave Holden 2016-05-15 17:39
About time,Its the hire shops that should be prosecuted

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