• The much promised and talked about renovation project of Benidorm´s infamous strip is underway. Resembling the aftermath of an earthquake – or as some amusingly said “a good Saturday night partying by the Brits”, the much-needed works have started. By the time international holidaymakers return to Benidorm many may well be pushed recognising the place they last visited some 12 months previously.

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  • Following an undercover operation lasting a number of months, the National Police have dismantled and arrested 14 members of a group linked to several bars and clubs in Benidorm. Those arrested were all of Spanish and Romanian nationality and ‘controlled’ the supply and sale of cocaine, hashish, marijuana, MDMA and ecstacy as well as other drugs on Avd Mallorca – better known to most as The Square. It will come as little surprise to many that club bouncers were in charge of controlling the square, using violence and intimidation on both suppliers and users.

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