crissy rock

  • Millions visit Benidorm every year – and the Brits are among the largest percentage. Hotels are reporting 95% occupancy over the Christmas period, with many domestic tourists coming from the capital Madrid and other major Spanish cities. But surprisingly many Brits pop over to Benidorm on daytrips from other resorts. One lady who knows this better than others is Cathy Mac – a tour guide based in Torrevieja.

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  • One of Liverpool’s funniest exports has to be Crissy Rock and she’s back in Benidorm, accompanied by husband Julian to what she considers her second home. Crissy came here on holiday nearly 20 years ago and the very first venue that she performed in was Valentines – almost by accident. It is a place she holds dear and one to which she has returned, performing exclusive every evening at 10pm until mid-September! She packs the crowds in leaving everyone in stitches and although advertised as ‘adult humour’ there are plenty of younger ones in with their parents and grandparents. For those that do go and see her, you will realise how incredibly thoughtful of others she is when it comes to the bucket.

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