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Talking with funny man Gary
Comedians are always a matter of personal taste, it´s the marmite effect - you either love them or hate them, but one that seems to get most laughing is Gary George. Many have commented that a holiday to Benidorm is not complete until you have watched him perform.

Laughter - the best medicine

Gary has been making people laugh for as long as he can remember - from his days at school, when he played in a band he was always the joker of the group. He left school and by profession is a qualified and very skillful carpenter - but entertainment was always his passion. He would be the one always lightening the mood on a dreary Monday morning and so decided that this was the path he was going to follow.

Gary was born and grew up in Leeds although of Irish parentage - and all his family now live in Monaghan in Ireland, which he loves to visit. He told me that if he didn´t live here - where he has been for 14 years now, then that would definitely be the next place he´d move to. He tries to pop back 3 or 4 times a year.... I wonder if it´s anything to do with the fact that he can´t resist a pint of Guinness!

On the Benidorm series last year - note the "KK" behind
He has been most fortunate, probably testament to his performance that he has been continually busy - both professionally and on a personal note. He is on at "Zodiac" every night - starting at 11:30pm and then at Levi´s Showboat on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after the cabaret show has finished.

Benidorm Series

He has also made an appearance on the hugely popular Benidorm series - he was on last years Series 6 in Episode 3 telling jokes when swinger Donald walks in, followed by Martin and a group of lads on a stag do.... something which the resort is renowned for! Many will have noticed the "KK" on the window in the background and wondered where the bar was - well it´s the Klee Kafee in the Old Town, opposite the Rich Bitch Show Bar which was used for the "Tacky Jackie" sketch.... a tongue-in-cheek take on "Sticky Vicky"!

Karaoke Bar

At a charity fundraiser in Showboat
As well as keeping Benidorm laughing he owns the Carousel Bar in the heart of the new town, on the same road as "Jokers" and just past "Talk of the Town" - one of Benidorm´s most popular karaoke bars. You will find him here most nights after he has finished his performance - along with many other entertainers, who flock there to wind down before heading home in the early hours of the morning.
Gary also regularly supports charity fundraising events - like many other performers giving up his time for free for worthy causes. "It´s always important to give back to the community" he told me... how true. But the apple of his eye is his adorable 16 month daughter - a real daddy´s girl I think.


+5 #8 Christopher jones 2017-02-14 12:49
Best comedian by far so quick :D
+3 #7 Doddsy 2017-02-10 17:37
I think Erin was one of the 3 girls from Cardiff. When Gary complimented the Scots and then asked "Any Wales in?" she raised her hand and he said" no love, I meant the country" My favourite comedian in Benidorm
+5 #6 Keith Owen 2016-10-13 23:51
Gary George is nasty?? Have you got the right chap? He's a superb comedian & in my opinion the least offensive stand-up in Benidorm. He's also a really nice chap to have a drink with at his bar.
+6 #5 Sue 2016-07-12 15:32
One of the funniest comedians I have had the pleasure of seeing. Quality act, we have been coming to Benidorm for over 10 years and always spend an evening with Gary in the Zodiac bar. Highly recommended
-3 #4 Tracy 2016-03-29 09:03
Quoting Erin:
One of he nastiest men I have ever came across, wouldn't recommend anyone to go see him. Offensive nasty and a vile man.

You shouldn't go to these shows if you're easily offended
-15 #3 Erin 2015-10-18 23:02
One of he nastiest men I have ever came across, wouldn't recommend anyone to go see him. Offensive nasty and a vile man.
+6 #2 2014-05-04 16:04
Seen him a few times at different venues. Good show
+5 #1 val 2014-04-30 17:43
Cant wait to get back to Benidorm best pub crawl ever!

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