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Fan's trying to catch a glimpse of one of the stars!
Well filming of series 5 is well under way in Benidorm.... and you certainly can't mistake where they are on any given day. This last week most of the shoot has been inside "Morgan's Tavern" which is the location of the fictional "Neptune's Bar" in the series.

The main give away are the rows of Primoti vans together with a generator parked up behind them and the 2 marques for cast and extra's... and if that didn't do it then the swarms of "groupies" vying to get a glimpse of one of the cast as they leave the confines of the green tent to go into the bar.

The extra's all sit together under the blue tent to the side of the shoot waiting to be called upon . Most look thorougly bored and are either reading a book or playing games on their mobiles - oh the excitement of being an extra! Most of the time is just spent waiting for Helena, the extra's co-ordinator to call them in. She gets the message via her walkie talkie that they require 8 extra's and she then calls out 8 names from her clipboard and in they go making a note which ones are in a particular scene -  incase they need to re-shoot.

You could tell when the scene had been done as the crowds outside would cheer and clap and call out one of the casts name as the walked out of the bar and into the green tent. Camera shutters could be heard clicking away in the hope of catching one of them passing by. But be careful -  these crowds give the pick pockets a golden opportunity to relieve you of your valuables!

At the end of each day all the equipment has to be packed away as Morgans Tavern is open to the public in the evenings and then bought back again the following day to continue filming.

I wonder whether they have finished filming at the Pelicanos poolside yet - especially as the weather is beginning to cool. I remember back to series 1 when I was an extra and had to keep getting in and out of the pool which by November was freezing had to pretend its was lovely and warm which was no mean feat considering that my teeth would be chattering and lips turning blue ! Once was enough for me ......

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  • Benidorm Fan Convention

    Monica Ricci 26.04.2022 14:00
    November in Beni! Oooh this looks amazing!!
  • Benidorm Fan Convention

    Mary Wilkins 26.04.2022 13:57
    My friend has booked us vip passes can't wait to meet everyone
  • Benidorm Fan Convention

    Tracey Belcher 25.04.2022 22:20
    Damn would love to come



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