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front 10 euroTHE NEW 10 euro bank note went into circulation this month, with improved security features intended to make it more difficult to counterfeit. The new 5€ and 10€ notes will continue to circulate alongside the existing one and no date has yet been given for the expiry – so don´t worry if you keep them from your previous holiday! Many will be heading out to Benidorm and digging out unused euros from previous trips – they will be gratefully accepted by all businesses here!

 back of 10 euroThe new 10 € note is a deep red colour and has raised edges similar to the new 5 euro note, which was introduced in May of last year. It also includes a portrait of a character from Greek mythology in the hologram and watermark and the number will change colour from an emerald green to dark blue when tilted. It is estimated that 334 million people in 18 countries across Europe now use the Euro currency, opening it up to forgery, hence the improved security features. A new 20 euro note is also set to follow next year – 2015.

As you pay for items you may receive a mixture of new and old notes. When the new 5 euro note was introduced last year not all automatic machines had been programmed to accept them – but hopefully that has been rectified for the newest addition to the family! The European Central Bank (ECB) have produced a video "Discover the new 10 euro note" in 23 different languages showing and explaining the new features.

Terra Mitica halloweenThe rate at the moment is good – 1.245€ to the pound and with it being half term in the UK many will be heading out here. The weather is still very mild and certainly warm enough to go on the beach - Levante was packed yesterday. Unfortunately Terra Mitica is now only open at the weekends – Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am until 8:00pm, but this week they will also open on Friday, Halloween! Terra Natura Wildlife Park is open all this week from 10:30am until 6:00pm then throughout November/December only on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.


-1 #1 Lynn Bailey 2014-10-27 08:18
Free entry Saturday and Sunday to Terra Mitica, for anyone wearing Halloween fancy dress !
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