• The number of 500 euro notes in circulation has fallen to its lowest level since August 2005 and the 100 euro note is at its lowest since the euro was introduced - now why doesn´t that surprise me! I wonder whether that means the black market trade is also suffering in the current economic crisis!  Many stores do not even accept such high denomination notes anyway - with notices by the tills stating so, in main due to the number of

  • With the spiraling exchange rate, in main thanks to Brexit and the recent General Election results, it is important to try and eke out as much as possible for those hard earned pounds. Many often ponder whether to exchange before leaving or wait until here in the resort. But one thing is for certain – DO NOT under any circumstances do it at the airport – whether that be a UK one or here at Alicante. Aside from money and a valid passport the other very important thing you should have before setting out is travel insurance. So many tend to think that an EHIC card will be adequate, but this is only for emergency treatment and will not repatriate you back to the UK.

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  • In the old days, the question was “How many euros to the pound?”… sadly, now it’s the opposite way round, “How many pounds to the euro”…. The Brexit effect! Most travelers already know not to exchange their currency at the airport, as it is a well-known fact that they offer the worse rate possible. Despite this, it is astounding that there are still queues at the airport kiosks with holidaymakers readily handing over their hard earned £’s for a boarding on criminal exchange.

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  • The new €20 banknote will start circulating within the Euro zone from this coming Wednesday -  November 25. Numerous security features have been incorporated into the new banknotes in order to protect and make them harder to counterfeit.

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  • THE NEW 10 euro bank note went into circulation this month, with improved security features intended to make it more difficult to counterfeit. The new 5€ and 10€ notes will continue to circulate alongside the existing one and no date has yet been given for the expiry – so don´t worry if you keep them from your previous holiday! Many will be heading out to Benidorm and digging out unused euros from previous trips – all will be gratefully accepted!

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  • Over 11 years after the introduction of the euro, the 17 countries which share the common currency have started introducing a second generation of bank note - starting with the 5 euro note. One of the primary objectives is to make it more difficult to forge - and so includes many more security features.

  • The uncertainty of Brexit has created confusion and fear, with some even putting off booking their holidays. However, despite this the resort still appears pretty busy, especially at the weekends, with the Stag & Hen season now upon us… and where would many of the bars be without their business – probably closed! But the age old question of where to change your pounds to euros remains – before you leave or in the resort. A big no-no is to never change it at the airport, whether in the UK or especially here at Alicante. What many do is go to one of the many exchange bureaus’ here in the resort – but a warning, there are unscrupulous ones here too.

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  • Despite repeat advice on changing money, many still continue to use the Bureau de Change at an airport – which offer by far the worse rate possible, almost tantamount to robbery in my eyes. As an example I was at Alicante airport this morning, where there is exchange kiosk beside the rental car section as you exit the baggage reclaim area. On enquiring about today’s rate the response was £1 gets you €1 on “smaller amounts” without elaborating on what signified small! The exchange rate in Benidorm is 1.155 today … at most places.

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