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el gordo ticketsThe El Gordo Christmas Lottery takes place today with over 2,240 million euro´s in prizes up for grabs, with the winning ticket sharing 640 million – each "decimo" or 20€ ticket stands to receive 400,000 euros!

For the first time ever, winners will be able to collect their money from 6pm today – normally they have to wait until the following day. Any winnings over 2,500€ will be taxed at 20%. The draw take place at the Teatro Real in Madrid and children sing out the numbers as they are drawn. The drums in which the wooden balls are placed are huge – standing at 2.8 metres tall and weighing 800 kilos. The drawing of the numbers takes hours and will be broadcast live on Spanish television from 10am onwards. Good luck to all who have tickets – I am hoping that one of the 73 which I have as part of a syndicate may come up lucky this year! Let me know if you are one of the big winners....

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