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Busy tapas alleyIt seems as if someone is really determined to destroy Benidorm. Firstly there is the ongoing saga at Tiki Beach – which could set a precedent for many other bars and clubs, especially along the Levante front. Now Calle Santo Domingo and San Miguel in the heart of the Old Town – better known as Tapas Alley are being targeted.

Cava AragonesaThe Council have proposed to paint lines, marking the boundary of where tables and chairs can be put out on the street – reducing the current space in places by about half. In some there wouldn’t even enough room to place a chair once the table is out, with the defined line only measuring 40cm.

busy streetSome of the owners are in uproar as to why this street has specifically been targeted when others have not - just walk around the streets in the Old Town and it really is an obstacle course in places! In a statement a Town Hall representative has said that at the moment this is just an experiment and they plan to hold a series of meeting with the owners to discuss the proposal. Although it is a squeeze in places it adds to the atmosphere of the place and if talking about noise, although there is no live music like in the bars, the volume from people chattering would certainly exceed the limit.


-2 #2 Val Long 2016-05-06 03:17
Silly councils
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-2 #1 Tony Janet Grayston 2016-05-06 03:15
It's not broke don't try & fix it
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