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stalls at medieval marketThe annual Medieval Market is up and running in Benidorm, located at the Parc d´Elx – or Dove Park, in the Old Town. It is a lot bigger this year and the road that runs parallel with the promenade has been closed to traffic to accommodate stalls in addition to ones along the front.


horsesThere are random processions, demonstrations and entertainment going on throughout the day and most of the stall holders are dressed in period costume to add to the authenticity.There were horses following a group of dancers and a trio of musicians weaving through the crowds on Friday.

carving woodYou can watch craftsmen at work... one particularly funny one was a man carving a piece of wood on an electric lathe! The stalls have a selection of hand made items such as jewelry, leather goods, soaps and decorative pieces to browse through as well as food stalls selling cheeses, salami, olives and dried fruit.

bbqThe enticing smell of a bbq wafts through the air, which has a selection of meats sitting on a rotating grill above burning wood – spit roast suckling pig, sausages and choriza, ribs and even a giant paella which are all available to purchase and eat - plenty of seating available, but probably not for the vegetarians among you though!

dried fruitThe market is on until Sunday evening so why not pop down over the weekend – it closes for lunch so don’t go between about 2-5pm - but then you can always head down to Tapas Alley and enjoy some typical Spanish food while there. It is certainly something different to experience if you are here on holiday and probably something you’d not witness back home. Dove Park is at the end of the walking street, Passeo de la Carretera and near to Mal Pas beach.

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    Sylvia Holmes 05.06.2023 11:27
    Whaaaat!! How much
  • Aqualandia opens for summer season

    Adele Davies 05.06.2023 11:26
    Love that place
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