levante beach

  • As holidaymakers slowly return to Benidorm, there is an audible sigh of relief from local businesses who only last month feared that they would be forced to remain shut and write off the rest of the season. The resort is reliant on tourism to survive and many are geared up for the British, who last year made up 41.3% of the market which equated to 4.8million people – only just beaten by the domestic Spanish market at 45%. However, it is the spending power of the British that sustains virtually all of the bars and clubs in the Rincon de Loix area.

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  • The long awaited online booking system for Benidorm beach will be up and running on Thursday, although at the moment only applicable for Levante and not Poniente or Mal Pas beaches. It is free - apart from the sunbed section, which still have to be paid for as normal. So from Friday 17 users will only be able to access the Levante beach if they have pre-booked a slot. It means a little bit of organisation is required but does ensure that everyone has there own allocated socially distanced space.

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  • It is hard to believe it is mid-October with the incredible weather we are currently experiencing here in Benidorm. Those lucky enough to be here on holiday are having a fabulous time, with temperatures in the late 20´s and same forecast for the entire week ahead too. The beach has been packed today and as day turns to night, the resort transforms into a neon metropolis. 

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  • After 13 weeks of lockdown, Benidorm´s beaches were finally allowed to re-open this morning, albeit with strict social distancing rules. They have been divided up into 3 zones – green for over 70´s, blue for everyone else although over 70´s can use these too if accompanying a family group, which are marked out into 4x4 meter squares and free for users. The third area is the sunbed rental zone which remains at the same price, 5€ sunbed and 5€ parasol. Spaces have to be pre-booked, however, rather embarrassingly, the booking app, which has reportedly cost €700,000 isn´t yet ready.

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  • The lockdown and its aftereffects have hit Benidorm particularly hard – a resort reliant on tourism. Media scaremongering - both from UK tabloids and even those here in Spain do little to help the situation either. Sadly a number of bars, restaurants and hotels still remain closed, realistically waiting until the UK´s 14 day quarantine is lifted and more airlines start bringing holidaymakers here. Aqualandia and Mundomar opened, but last week regretfully announced that due to poor visitor numbers that it is unviable to remain so and therefore will be closing their doors early on Sunday 23 August. It almost felt like the final nail in the coffin…. but like a knight in shining armour Benidorm Palace, the jewel of our crown reopened last Friday night.

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