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daily mail wish u were here articleThe show stopping picture in today´s Daily Mail “Wish you weren´t here” showing a packed Levante beach makes it sound as if they had just discovered something new. I am actually a little dubious that it´s a current picture, especially as this year’s pedaloes are white and orange and it is a library picture from Getty Images!

16 aug 2012However, this is nothing new to us who live here – the beaches, in particular Levante are packed like that every Summer - this picture is from 16th August 2012! The tragic event in Tunisia probably prompted a few more here, but generally, the hotels would already have been booked to near capacity by then.

9 aug 2013The school holidays are now in full swing and families were booked to fly out from last weekend regardless – especially with parents now being fined for taking children out at term time. Levante is very popular with the Brits, a wonderful wide sandy stretch lined with vibrant bars along the promenade - the picture with blue umbrellas is from 9th August 2013.

18 june 2015There are plenty of water sports at the Rincon de Loix end, including a cable ski track and floating pontoons, with slides and diving platforms along the length of the beach.The third picture, taken on 18th June this year was shot from the top of the Tourist Information Centre at the top end of Levante.

Tio XimoPoniente, on the other side of the Old Town is quieter and favoured by the Spanish and families, but by no means deserted. There is also Mal Pas and La Cala, both sandy or Tio Ximo - pictured, and Almadrava if you want a secluded rocky cove… something for everyone in Benidorm!

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    Whaaaat!! How much
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