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"This Morning´s" Alison Hammond
With only two weeks left until filming starts THE most important prop in the series is about to make its way onto set - Madge´s mobility scooter! I bet that Derren had no idea of the virtual hysteria he´d cause when he decided that Madge would more or less be permanently seated on her scooter - not due to any disability mind except idleness. Ever since that first series was aired back in 2007, the streets of Benidorm have been awash with them. I am certainly not aware of it being quite so popular anywhere else.

Last Summer, ITV broadcast a live episode of "This Morning" from the Sol Pelicanos hotel. The day before, the crew pre-recorded a clip showing presenters Alison Hammond, Matt Johnson and Johnny Robinson having a mobility scooter race along the Levante seafront... believe it or not, this actually goes on in true life every day here! The scooters came from Amigo 24 which are the company which provide the real Madge scooter for the "Benidorm" series!

Me on "the" Madge scooter with Amigo 24 owner Mario
I popped by to the shop on Friday, which is located opposite the site of the Wednesday and Sunday market and spoke with the rather tasty owner Mario just as the actual scooter was about to be collected and managed to have a quick sit down on it before being whisked away!

They have undoubtably become a must have accessory in the resort - and not only by the traditional blue rinse brigade as you would expect! For some elderly an electric scooter is an essential item as it enables them to get out. However, I have seen young very able bodied racers jumping on and off them purely as a means of quick and cheap transport.

3 boy racers on the Levante promenade
With prices under 50 euros per week its hardly surprising really - in fact Im sorely tempted myself, especially as it can sometimes take me 15 minutes to find a parking space in the centre of Benidorm and then I have to buy a pay and display ticket or risk getting a 90 euro fine!

You can leave the scooters anywhere and not worry at all....  I must say though, that sometimes they do cause mayhem as they can be parked 3 deep and obstruct the pavement. But walk along the promenade and you have to have your wits about you - I bet that you won´t walk more then a hundred metres before you hear the whizzing of a scooter coming up behind you!

Ready and waiting...
With series 6 about to start filming imminently Mario told me that orders will increase dramatically, as they do with every series. "Everyone wants to be just like Madge and they come in asking for a Madge special".

At the Benidorm Carnival in February last month, a scooter even made it into the parade - see they find their way everywhere. As they have lights they can even be driven out at night... saves on having to get a taxi back to your hotel!

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