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Crowds at TikiLike a game of ping ping, the on-going Tiki Beach saga continues! Residents of the Santa Margarita building, directly above the bar have been trying to have the bar closed down for what seems like years. Last June they won the case, on grounds of excessive noise at the Benidorm court but an appeal was quickly submitted to the Provincial Court in Alicante against that ruling. The verdict is back – Alicante have upheld the verdict.
terrace barOver the years, residents have been trying to use various tactics to have Tiki Beach closed down. They claimed that the wooden bar, which stands on the terrace had no planning permission and then a case of false witness with the previous administration, which led to the breakdown of the joint pact between the Socialist and the Liberals.

side of TikiNow the noise pollution levels. Benisuisse SL, the company responsible for Tiki Beach submitted evidence to prove that the noise levels did not exceed the legal noise limits, which were taken by the police, saying that outside factors such as car noise and ocean waves contribute to the overall levels.

So what next… the neighbours of the building are obviously smug that they have won, but I am sure another appeal will be submitted – either to Valencia or Madrid before we see the closure of Tiki Beach. It would potentially seriously damage the pulling power of Benidorm – and where would it stop. Benidorm is reliant on those that come to party and drink here, for without them Benidorm would struggle to survive. Yes perhaps some go the excess, but then no different to any other resort or British town centre at the weekend. Tiki Beach is predominantly a daytime bar anyway and I am sure that others along the front such as Hearbreak, Caymen and the Guinness Bar will be watching with interest.


+1 #2 Phil Cowley 2018-04-13 17:24
I stay at the santa margarita twice a year I am only on the 2nd floor so I know exactly what the noise is like. And it doesn't bother me,family and friends one bit.the music's always good, and I don't find it intrusive at all. Long may the Tiki remain..and I'm no spring chicken 65 and still partying
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+1 #1 lesley royle 2016-04-25 15:59
:o would be gutted if it closed, one of the main reasons me and my friends cone to Benidorm . Great afternoons in tiki beach!
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  • Benidorm is waiting for you!

    Val Yates 16.02.2021 21:51
    Booked for mid May.. not cancelled as yet!!.. When we can it will be a mass exodus!!
  • Benidorm is waiting for you!

    Lesley Mcrae 16.02.2021 21:49
    Yep can´t wait to get back to my second home sooooooon
  • Benidorm is waiting for you!

    Linda Woods 16.02.2021 21:48
    There defo won´t be a shortage of ppl racing over that´s for sure s think when we can it will be hard ...



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