taylor marcs

  • There´s a new kid on the block as far as entertainers in Benidorm are concerned and boy, or should I say boyo, is he good. There´s no guessing from that one word what nationality he is – Welsh and the most iconic voice to come from the hills is Sir Tom Jones. Andy Wood not only sounds like the megastar but even resembles him – you will definitely do a double take when you spot him on stage.

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  • Yesterday afternoon the first of a number of scheduled auditions took place here in Benidorm, looking for who may be the next potential winner of “Britain’s Got Talent 2018”, which is broadcast on national television! Teams are here in the resort, having arrived on Tuesday afternoon, to record acts to take back to London for the production crew to view.
    This year, the nations’ favourite talent show, broadcast on ITV is casting it’s net further afield in its search for talent – and they couldn’t have chosen a better place. Traditionally teams search across the UK but for the very first time ever they have come abroad and Benidorm was chosen, in part due to it’s high concentration of British expats.

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  • "ABBA Nights" is taking Benidorm by storm - It´s a feel good show fronted by two lovely girls, Jo and Tina who together make up the Boogie Woogie Babes. The stunning sexy pair have a dynamic chemistry which is evident on stage, as they manage to captivate the entire audience with their energy and enthusiasm.

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  • The entertainment on offer in Benidorm is second to none.... and many choose the resort for that very reason. You can come here for a week and not get around even a fraction of what is on offer. Whatever your taste in music, two of the most iconic songs which virtually everyone will know are "Bat out of Hell" and "Dead Ringer" - both rock power ballads by Meat Loaf, often murdered on karaoke machines worldwide but you can hear a fantastic

  • The boys are back in town and already causing quite a stir with their adoring fans. Following their appearance on the Benidorm series at the beginning of this year everybody has been waiting for their return. Well they are here – and singing exclusively at the new Stardust, every night at 10pm.

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