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Pablo Bloom singing with guitarOne of the main draws to Benidorm after the sun must be the nightlife - and I include drinking in that category! It is probably the entertainment capital of Europe such is the variety and diversity which can be found here.
Whatever your personal taste in music you can virtually be guaranteed to find it in one of the many bars and clubs. You can hear and watch a selection of very talented people, but one name which consistently stands out, not only to his audience but also among his peers is Pablo Bloom.

As he told me when we sat down for a chat "I feel blessed that I love what I do for a living" - and that passion is certainly expressed when he performs. Pablo performs his one man show "Rock & Roll Time Machine" 5 nights per week at some of the busiest venues in town and carries his musical instruments from one to the other  - Rock & Roll House, Uncle Ped´s, Western Saloon and Heartbreak on a regular basis - his full itinerary can be found at

Me with Pablo BloomPablo speaks with a real American twang so I was somewhat surprised when he told me that he had never actually lived in the States! He was born in Argentina and when he was 2 years old the family moved to Israel, where they lived on a kibbutz. The vast majority of those that lived there were Americans hence where Pablo picked up his accent! He did one of his three years compulsory army service then the family moved to Spain and settled in Valencia. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Hebrew - although there is not a lot of call for that here in Benidorm he told me.

Pablo with one of his many fansHe played in various bands when he lived in Israel and so automatically decided on a career in the entertainment industry - he actually writes his own songs and can also sing them in Hebrew... isn´t he so talented! Bizarrely enough, despite his show being heavily influenced with 50´s/ Rock and Roll his knowledge of that era was limited to Elvis - which he picked up from watching Forrest Gump!

Pablo at Western SallonSoon after arriving in Valencia he was asked to make up the 4th member of a Beatles tribute group - he was Paul McCartney and they went off on a six month tour of Majorca - and in that time they didn´t have a single night off! After that the group commuted every night for 2 years from Valencia to Benidorm to perform the 2am slot at Talk of the Town! Well Pablo didn´t as within 6 months he met Mariana, who eventually was to become his wife and moved to Benidorm. The other 3 members continued to commute but as Pablo had so much extra time on his hands he started to perform in his own right as a John Lennon tribute alongside his group commitment. Eventually he decided to go it alone and has developed his performance so that it is a one man all singing all dancing spectacular.

pablo performing at El Cisne rastroHumour is very important which is reflected in his performances.... he loves doing requests, tells jokes and is very spontaneous throughout, playing various instruments, sometimes in a most unusual fashion - intrigued now aren´t you? He has expanded his music portfolio and plays many current hits in addition to renditions of the Jersey Boys, Chuck Berry and other Rock & Roll classics. In addition to his nightly shows he also plays at El Cisne every Saturday at 12 noon and also on Sunday, but his stage time varies.

Pablo BllomIn his "spare time" which shall we say is pretty limited as he is father to 3 month old twins Oliver and Ella he has written a TV Show for children, which is being filmed next month. It is to inspire them about music, obviously, and it has him interacting with puppets along the lines of "The Muppet Show" if you can remember that far back. He showed me a clip on his laptop and the talent of this man is truly incredible...

Pablo performing at a charity fundraiser in BenidormHe also does stand up comedy having completed a months comedy class in Argentina and is due on the Spanish comedy circuit which is sadly lacking any comedy acts. He often injects quips and witty remarks into his nightly routines to the amusement of his audience who never know what to expect - he makes every show different and interacts with them constantly. He told me that when the twins were born his fans literally besieged him with the most beautiful gifts for them and is blessed having such loyal fans. Last year he was invited to play at a wedding in Galicia to a couple who met at one of his performances here in Benidorm - so he can add matchmaker to his repertoire!


0 #9 Tina williams 2018-01-14 15:03
Absolutely brilliant show. Pablo Bloom has such a talent wil definitely be seeing the show again we loved it
0 #8 Tommy 2018-01-03 18:50
I have seen Pablo three times in Benidorm and once in the cavern (Liverpool), what a fantastic talent.
0 #7 Maria Kavanagh 2017-11-03 14:21
Pablo Bloom fab saw him in Uncle Peds Benidorm 2 nights ago 1st Nov.2017! Our last night and a great surprise!!!!!!
0 #6 Stephen Ashe 2017-08-22 22:36
I've seen Pablo 3 times this Summer (Aug 2017) and i bought the DVD. He is a brilliant musician/comedi an/singer/enter tainer. Only one criticism of his routines is that he dies songs from 3 regions of the UK - England, Wales and Scotland sometimes Ireland (Republic of) he leaves out the fourth region of the UK Northern Ireland. I'll be back in Benidorm this November and and next August (2018) so Pablo don't forget us. Please
0 #5 Joanne Newson 2017-05-12 07:24
Quoting Dawn mccluskey:
I have seen Pablo lots of times as I live in Benidorm. I always take family and friends when they visit. I took my brother and sister in law last night to the western saloon and they thought he was awesome... Thanks for a great night.

Are you Dawn McCluskey from Huddersfield?
+1 #4 Dawn mccluskey 2016-11-05 14:40
I have seen Pablo lots of times as I live in Benidorm. I always take family and friends when they visit. I took my brother and sister in law last night to the western saloon and they thought he was awesome... Thanks for a great night.
0 #3 Rab Rodger 2016-04-04 13:55
:lol: Pablo Bloom is a real class act, I thought he was Spanish before I read your article. He is so good I would pay to go see him. Brilliant is not a good enough word to describe him.
+1 #2 Joe kraske 2015-04-25 16:39
Great act a must see
0 #1 Lorna Hardaker 2014-07-22 21:57
A great talent. Well worth seeing.

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